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Steak of the Month Club


20% OFF Clubs

We’ve made it easier than ever to choose the perfect gift for a special client, friend or for yourself! Simply choose the plan that’s right for you and Stock Yards will do the rest. Whatever the occasion, the exceptional taste of Stock Yards’ steaks, chops and more will make it one to remember! Your gift will be preceded by an announcement with your greeting, a complete list of the gifts to come, and when they will be sent. Pay-As-You-Go or Pre-Pay your clubs!

Six Month (Even)

February, April, June, August, October & December

The Six Month Club (Even)

Pre-paid: $824.95 $659.96 (Save $164.99)

  1. February: Four 10 oz. Close Trim Filet Mignon - USDA Choice
  2. April: 6/9 lbs. Bone-in Applewood Smoked Ham
  3. June: Twenty-four 5.3 oz. Steakburgers
  4. August: Four 16 oz. Bone-In Rib Chops - USDA Prime
  5. October: 6 lbs. London Broil - USDA Choice
  6. December: 8 lbs. Boneless Rib Eye Roast - USDA Prime
    Six Month Even Club

Six Month (Odd)

January, March, May, July, September & November

The Six Month Club (Odd)

Pre-paid: $824.95 $659.96 (Save $164.99)

  1. January: 2.25 lbs. True Chateaubriand - USDA Choice
  2. March: Two 24 oz. Colorado Rack of Lamb
  3. May: Four 12 oz. New York Strips - USDA Prime
  4. July:  Four 14 oz. Half Slabs Precooked Pork Baby Back Ribs - Sweet & Smoky/Hot & Smoky
  5. September: Four 16 oz. Porterhouse - USDA Choice
  6. November: Four 12 oz. Boneless Rib Eye - USDA Prime
    Six Month Odd Club


Orders containing wine are fulfilled under the licensees of WTN Cellars, or instate licensee and are subject to applicable wine taxes. Must be 21 years or older to purchase wine.