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Pork & Poultry

Succulent roasts, chops and ribs await your gourmet feast when you order from our premium pork and poultry selections. Choose from turkeys and hams that have been carefully chosen, expertly smoked and prepared for ultimate taste. Impress your guests with elegantly Frenched pork chops or a flavorful natural pork roast. Indulge in your favorite comfort food with our sweet and tender baby back ribs, ready for the grill. No matter the occasion, give yourself the taste of excellence. 

Orders containing wine are fulfilled under the licensees of WTN Cellars, or instate licensee and are subject to applicable wine taxes. Must be 21 years or older to purchase wine.

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Five Bone Natural Pork Roast

Naturally raised Midwestern pork with juicy, flavorful well-marbled meat. Beautifully prepared and elegantly hand Frenched. 


Center Cut Pork Chops

Our "Frenched", bone-in chops are hand-carved from the sweet center of the pork loin. Tender and lean to grill, bake, or broil.

$79.95 - $149.95

Applewood Smoked Turkey

Plump applewood smoked turkey, expertly picked for premium taste. Tender and juicy, you'll love the sweet smokey taste. 


Applewood Smoked Ham Boneless

Premium Boneless Ham that has been applewood smoked for days. A juicy and tender roast that's sure to please. 


Skinless Chicken Breasts

You won't find these lean, tender, meaty breasts at your local food store. A light and luscious choice for any occasion.


Uncooked Baby Back Pork Ribs

Have a favorite rib recipe or BBQ sauce that requires an exceptional cut of meat? Then you've found the right Baby Back Ribs!


Precooked  and Smoked Baby Back Pork Ribs

Get ready for a sweet, tender and tasty treat. Fully cooked and naturally smoked to perfection for hours.

$49.95 - $94.95