Exquisite Lamb
And Veal

Elevate your meal with mouthwatering delicacies
like juicy lamb or delicate veal.

Classic and elegant, veal and lamb turn any meal into a gourmet affair. These mouthwatering delicacies are neatly trimmed to bring you a sensational dining experience.

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Special-Fed Veal Cutlets and Slices

Tender Cutlets are superb in Veal Parmigiana and other classic recipes that call for a thicker portion of veal. 4 ounce cutlets or 2 ounce slices

$169.99 - $179.99

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/ Sixteen 4 oz. Cutlets
Item #: 5027
Rack of Veal

Expertly hand-trimmed, "Frenched" tie and ready to roast. Our new 6-bone roast features delicate domestic milk-fed "pink" veal, which receives the highest quality rating of any veal. 3.5 Pounds


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/ 3.5 lbs.
Item #: 5262
Veal Rib Chops Frenched

Pink, velvety, and finely grained, our special-fed Veal Rib Chops boast a delicate and subtle flavor. 8 or 10 ounce chops

$109.99 - $249.99

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/ Four 8 oz.
Item #: 5257