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Orders containing wine are fulfilled under the licensees of WTN Cellars, or instate licensee and are subject to applicable wine taxes. Must be 21 years or older to purchase wine.

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Lamb Porterhouse

The incredibly sweet flavor is what makes Stock Yards Colorado Lamb so special. Tender, juicy, melt in your mouth good.

$59.95 - $104.95

Chipotle Pork Burgers

You've got spice. Peppered with chipotle seasoning, this sumptuous pork patty is juicier and zestier than any beef burger this side of Texas. 

London Broil

This lean cut is carved from Stock Yards' delicious, aged USDA Choice Top Sirloin. Recommended by expert chefs for the most flavorful taste experience.


Complete Trim Filet Mignon

The Ultimate Favorite! Slowly and naturally aged, hand carved and expertly trimmed for melt-in-your-mouth, fork-tender delectable flavor!

$74.95 - $249.95

Jumbo Shrimp

The ultimate appetizer! Perfect for grilling, shrimp cocktail, or in scampi and other recipes. Tail on, our 21-25 count Jumbo Shrimp are uncooked and flash frozen to seal in the moisture and texture of a fresh catch.