1. Gourmet Desserts

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Take time to enjoy the sweeter things in life with incredible desserts from Stock Yards. Of course, we’re best known for our expertly carved entrées and show-stopping sides, but the perfect meal isn’t complete until you’ve served dessert. We offer a range of incredible cakes and cheesecakes that will have your mouth watering. Whether you’re entertaining a large crowd or simply indulging on a quiet night in, you’re sure to discover something delicious.

Each of our desserts is expertly crafted and made with the finest ingredients. Our Chocolate Decadence Cake is out of this world, with a dense, fudge-like texture featuring premium dark chocolate. Or maybe cheesecake is more your taste—our Signature New York-Style recipe rests atop a buttery graham cracker crust and is incredibly rich and creamy. For a smaller taste of decadence, try our Cheesecake Cupcakes—each is hand-decorated with irresistible strawberry, raspberry, or cherry topping.

No matter how spectacular dinner was, there’s always a little room for dessert. Delivery makes it easy to enjoy incredible restaurant-quality sweets in the comfort of your own home, along with certified-delicious entrées, hearty appetizers, and whatever else you might be craving. Just order online and kick back—we’ll take care of the rest. It’s that simple. So go ahead, take another slice.