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London Broil - USDA Choice
Product Code: 2443M

London Broil - USDA Choice

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Beef Wellington Entrées - Six 8-Ounce Pieces
$149.99 $119.99 $30.00 off

This lean cut is carved from our delicious USDA Choice Top Sirloin and wet-aged for 21-30 days for maximum tenderness. Recommended by expert chefs for the most flavorful taste experience, our London Broil is best served medium rare.

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A Sidekick For Your Steaks

Select a bottle of award-winning Harry & David™ Vineyards wine, Epicure Seasoning, or gourmet finishing butters to complement your meal when you add this item to your cart.

  • USDA Choice London Broil (4-6 steaks, 1-1.5 lb each)
  • Epicure Seasoning shaker (3 oz)
  • Net Weight: 6 lb