1. Premium Steaks & Chops

Steaks Online

Enjoy incredible restaurant-quality steaks in the comfort of your own home with Stock Yards® steaks. Hand-trimmed and naturally dry or wet aged to increase flavor and tenderness, USDA Prime steaks and USDA Choice steaks from Stock Yards make elegant gourmet dinners and entrées. USDA certification is a mark of beef quality that’s based on the degree of fat marbling within the meat. Exceptional marbling translates to a more tender, flavorful cut of beef.

It’s easy to order the best steaks online with a gourmet selection and a wide variety of cuts available from Stock Yards. While choices like the dry-aged New York Strip Steak or the complete-trim Filet Mignon make flavorful and impressive main dinner courses for you and your guests, selections like Sirloin Strip Slices, Tenderloin Cubes, and even Steak and Shrimp can be perfect for less formal gatherings. Throw them on the grill, or even add to breakfast and lunch with classic recipes like steak and eggs or steak sandwiches and French dips. Instead of having to search store after store to buy premium steaks, delivery from Stock Yards makes it easy to know you’re getting the finest steaks on the market, and nothing beats the convenience of to-your-door delivery.